Fan made NSFW Demo Reel of my work in Cyberotics and Sex Machine Porn

Many of you who are familiar with me or have seen my presentation at ARSE know I am a long time musician who plays low brass instruments; Tuba, Bass Trombone and the like.  I got turned on to a band that may be the best live acts I have seen ever: March Forth.  I was in Portland, their hometown and was invited to see a Queen tribute show at the Wonderland Ballroom.  From outside the venue I heard the unmistakable sound of a drum line and my pace picked up until I was near sprinting into the venue.  Love me some drum lines.  I can hear them a mile away like a balloon in the parking lot at a Dead show. Low and behold I was treated to some of the best musicianship of any band I have heard in years.  They are all exceptional musicians and their charts they play are original and awesome.  Each player gets to showcase their talents throughout the show which is nice to see how many of them have solo chops.  They are a spectacle worth checking out when they come through your town.

porkpieNot to gush on about them too much but as touring bands and bands in general have to make revenue to do what they do this band has some of the best merchandising I have seen.  The artists, while on their downtime on tour, make some the craftiest stuff ever. One of the best merchandising I have seen.  Not just t-shirts and tour programs any more.   One of my new staples in my wardrobe is a gorgeous black and purple pork pie hat made by the ultra sexy percussionist, Jenny Pancake.  Drummer crush. Rawr.

Also picked up some beautiful cashmere wrist warmer like things for my wife but don’t recall which member made them.  Please support all touring musicians by buying their merchandising to keep them on the road as the music industry has changed since the kids these days feel entitled to downloading music for free. You can get their goods here:

Anyway long story short, I received a video reel of my work from a fan who knew I was into March Forth and especially into this tune called Crak Haus off one of their first albums I bought at that first show and edited this sweet video of me and my work. I hope you dig it as much as I do.  Enjoy.

Video after the jump.



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